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Lindsey Myers is a rising junior at Bucknell University. She is a Media Studies major and a Dance minor. This is Lindsey’s second summer here at MWW Group.
This is the blog of the MWW Interns. Here you can observe our experiences and exciting projects. Interns in every department from Visual Branding to Financial Relations will be updating and documenting our experiences on a weekly basis. Follow us to get an inside look at what a true interning experience is like at MWW!

Back for More

Posted by: Lindsey Myers
August 25, 2011

I’m back in action here with the MWW Dialogue Digital group. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience last summer, and was so excited to return for more. It was really great to get involved with projects on my first day as if I had never left. While the department has made significant changes since the last time I was here, I still see many of the same faces around the office.

At the beginning of this summer, I was given an additional weekly task.  During the Dialogue Digital weekly status meetings, I give a presentation about new technologies, new applications, and case studies with old technologies that I find interesting or beneficial to our team. It is my job to update the team on up and coming technologies so we can be innovative and involved with the ever-changing world of online media. Throughout the week, I compile articles from various technology blogs including Mashable and Techcrunch, as well as recommendations from team members who have heard about technologies and want to share them with the team. From this opportunity, I feel that I taught my team quite a bit, and I also have learned a lot about technologies and their utilization.

I feel that I have learned a lot about social media over the past two years. In my last blog post, I emphasized my learnings on specific platforms and broadened my knowledge base since then through creating more content, sitting in on brainstorming sessions, prepping presentations for Social Media 101, and even just from sitting in the office and engaging in conversations with my colleagues.

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From Face to Face, to Anyplace!

Posted by: Lindsey Myers
June 18, 2010

As the DialogueMedia intern, I have learned a ton about social media just from working here for the past month.  I know you’re probably thinking “Oh no, this is one of those classroom to real world posts,” but I promise you it’s not.  Yes, my social media knowledge started by learning from others, then went into the classroom, and now here I am, but my opinions have definitely changed over time about social media uses.

Rewinding to December 2009, I used Facebook on a personal level, thought Twitter was for people who had nothing better to do than record their lives in 140 characters, and I didn’t quite understand the concept of a blog.  After taking a Social Media for Managers course this past spring, I learned about different uses for Facebook such as promoting businesses and products through fan pages. But I still thought Twitter could only benefit companies by simply posting advertisements and promotional posts, and that bloggers who posted more than once a day or even a few times a week had nothing to do with their lives and that no one was reading them.

Now after arriving at MWW, my opinions have once again changed.

Facebook Fan Pages:

  • While I used to have the notion that a Facebook fan page worked for every single company and that it was silly for a company to not have one, I have found that to be quite different.
  • Facebook is not always the best use of social media for a company.  Instead, a social media strategy should be developed using a variety of social media platforms that will best reach the audience.

Engagement vs. Reach:

  • Another concept I really couldn’t grasp was that it didn’t matter how many fans you have, if there’s comments and likes, a page gets more publicity.  While creating content for a client’s Facebook page, I was quite surprised to find myself writing many questions to be posted, but I soon found that those are the types of things that draw in a lot of activity to a fan page.
  • Activity between a company and a consumer on social media platforms helps to establish a more personal relationship and allows for feedback from fans.
  • While 67% of consumers are more likely to recommend or buy products from a brand after following it on social networking sites, each brand needs to find its own balance and decide if they want pages for each region, each product, or one corporate page.

Twitter for Research:

  • I learned that Twitter was more than just promoting products and conveying personal experiences to the public, but could be searched for mentions of a keyword, which is something new to me.  I used this to research mentions of various clients to see how their followers react to their posts.
  • I also found that Twitter retweets can be used to measure the influence of a post or topic.


  • I now find that blogs that post more frequently lead to more readers and ultimately more interactions.  Posting a few times a week or every few months does not seem as effective and readers don’t check for updates as often.

It’s not only interesting to take note of my personal opinions of some aspects of social media and how they have changed over time, but how social media has changed society.  The online capabilities and uses of social media are very widespread and clever.  As more and more people turn to social media for news, opinions, ideas, and more, the concept will grow and change with time.

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