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My Thursday Nights
August 7, 2017

I am grateful for a number of opportunities: an incredible education, a positive work experience, a supportive family and good health. Because I have these chances, I strive to make the most of them both to improve myself and to help those less fortunate than I. This conviction is demonstrated by my involvement in extracurriculars, which began during high school, inspired my joining Alpha Phi Omega in college, and will motivate me to participate in responsibility initiatives in the workplace.

Good health and participation in sports have always been important to me: I feel most alive when I am active. Being a part of an athletic team or program matters to me for two reasons: it is crucial to physical well-being and it fosters community. Because being active has been such an incredible, positive component of my life, I became passionate about enabling individuals who may lack full ability to experience that feeling as well. It was that motivation that first led me to the Westwood Community Center.

My initial involvement with the SNAP program at the Westwood Community Center allowed me to realize that these children do not have the opportunities that I do; they are burdened with disabilities. However, my participation in the program over the last 5+ years allowed me to see that for one hour, one night a week, I am able to impact the lives of children with special needs and help share my opportunities with them. Mike, Mike, and Nevin, otherwise known as “the three musketeers,” and the other athletes remind me how fortunate I am. There are no words to describe what these kids have grown to mean to me, or what they have taught me about myself over the years. They inspire me. And most importantly, they motivate me to make the most of my opportunities so that I can share them with others.

My Thursday Nights MK
*Winter 2017: Introducing my SNAP family to my brothers in Alpha Phi Omega*

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