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Michalewski: The Next Generation

Posted by: Katrina Michalewski
October 23, 2014

KatrinaMichalewskiIn my family, my mother and her sisters have always been their own little club. Weddings? There they were sitting at a table in the corner laughing harder than anyone in the room. Large family parties? They say their ‘hellos,’ yet they’d each gradually gravitate toward each other, like planets coming into sync with the sun, or, in their case, a bond they share. All four of them are on their own orbit, having gone their own ways, living their own separate lives, yet this sun keeps them within each other’s range at all times – never faltering, always burning brighter.

I remember being a little girl and wanting nothing more than to be a part of this not-so-secret society. I would sit next to my father and watch the four of them practically blind the crowd with their smiles. All I wanted was to know what was behind those smiles, what inside jokes are shared with only a glance. I would prepare comments and hold onto them, waiting for the right moment to say them to see if I could get a laugh, and gradually, I did, without even trying.

The past two summers, I’ve had the opportunity to stay with my aunt Titi in her New York City apartment. I consider this my side internship. She has not only been rigorously training me to enter the Gutierrez clan, but also, as the eldest daughter in my family, to continue the legacy of the sisterhood. My two little sisters will look to me as the beacon of hope for the future development of our faction. It is all on my shoulders. If I fail, a bond as strong as the sun will die with me and the disappointment of future generations will permeate the ozone causing mass destruction on the planet. No pressure!

Finally, my quiz day has come. After all of the instruction I have received from my aunt, it all comes down to one important question. If I get it wrong, it will be all for naught. The almighty question? What is the most important message of the sisterhood? I thought for a moment about this seemingly daunting question. How could I possibly break down all of the different components of the bond, but then I had a moment of clarity. The answer is simple, something I’ve always known. The sisterhood, you ask? Well, each sister is different, and this must be remembered as there will be moments where the bond is tested, but these differences are blessings and allow each sister to bring something unique and beautiful to the table. The sisterhood requires that each member always has the back of all other sisters no matter the time, no matter the place. Sisters will make fun of each other and no one is safe from a little bit of ridicule, but the sisterhood demands that no sister is left behind and most importantly, to be in the sisterhood, you must enjoy every second of it.

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The Unexpected Side Effects of PRSSA

Posted by: John Garretson
October 9, 2014

JohnGarretsonIn making my way out to Boise, Idaho (no, it’s not just one large potato farm) for college four years ago, I had clear-cut plans to make headway in becoming the next SportsCenter anchor or Sports Illustrated senior staffer. It’s what, from what I told myself, I was meant to do and everything thing else that came with academia at Boise State University were just complimentary additions.

Fast-forward to spring 2011 of my freshman year and the dream career aspirations had deviated quite a bit. Struggling to grab one more credit for the semester, I enrolled in a Communication Activities class (COMM113) titled “PRSSA” and figured, “hey, why not?”

Public Relations Student Society of America, or PRSSA, allowed me to do something that wasn’t offered in my standard Mass Communication classes: the opportunity to get hands-on public relations experience with fellow PR peers in a local, community setting. Having the chance to work with clients in a professional and real-time setting was something wild, but I reassured myself that this was the career path for me.

Thanks to PRSSA, I’ve had the chance to meet revered industry professionals, network with countless other PR students, attend excellent events and even land stellar working opportunities (wink, wink). So here’s to you, PRSSA , in providing students like myself a “professional PR playground” to find one’s self and learn the core values of the PR field.

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Country Music Transformation

Posted by: Joe DeCotiis
October 2, 2014

JoeDeCotiisFor as long as I can remember I hated country music. I thought every song and melody sounded the same. I felt that every artist was singing about the same old truck or girl and that the lyrics seemed so simple and generic. I remember commenting to my friends who enjoyed the music that country singers have zero talent. How my thoughts would change!

Being that a few of my best friends are country fans I found myself around that music quite often, especially when we would barbeque in the summer. Slowly but surely I began to recognize the songs; they didn’t all sound the same to me anymore. I even found myself remembering the lyrics and singing along. The music began to grow on me and I found myself listening and downloading country music on my own. As I began to like country music more and more my friends suggested we attend a concert. We ended up buying tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert. This is the concert that created the country fanatic I am today. After attending the concert and tailgating for the event, I was hooked.

I was so hooked on country music that the next summer three friends and I travelled all the way to Tennessee for the country music festival where every big name artist were to perform. The festival lasted three days. During the day, we would sit by the riverside stage where smaller artist who had not made it big yet would perform. There I saw the likes of Florida Georgia line, Jana Kramer, Casey James, Montgomery Gentry, and David Nail. During the night we would go to LP field and watch the big stars perform.

The trip that we took to Tennessee is full of memories that I will never forget. I have to thank my friends for being persistent and opening my world to county music, otherwise I would have never gone on the trip. My transformation to a country music fan taught me to be more open-minded and give things you may not like at first glance a second chance. You may learn to love things you never had in the past! I now listen to the country music almost every day and plan on making the trek back to Tennessee for the festival next summer.

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