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From ‘New City’ to my ‘New’ City

Posted by: Cassie Wolff
June 27, 2014

I’ve always lived in New York, but never in New York City. I grew up in New City, New York, a suburb about 45 minutes away from the city. However, the commute to Manhattan is about two hours in total –driving to the train station in Nanuet, taking the train from Nanuet to Hoboken, taking the PATH from Hoboken to 23rd Street and then walking a few blocks to MWW’s office. I had my alarm set at 6:00am every morning and wouldn’t get home until 8:00pm. I definitely needed a change.

I spoke with a friend who had also been struggling with her commute from Rockland County to New York City and when I suggested moving into Gramercy Green, an NYU dorm, she was just as excited as I was. We applied right away and just a few days later, we became confirmed residents of Gramercy Green. We moved in on Sunday, June 15, and since then, I have been able to explore New York City like never before.

Although I have frequently made trips to New York City throughout my life, there is still a shock from the enormous, fast-pace scene that typifies the City That Never Sleeps.

Having worked at MWW for two weeks, I felt a sense of comfort knowing the area. From the iconic Flat Iron Building, to Madison Square Park and Shake Shack, to the delicious restaurants in Eataly, I knew I’d be moving into a remarkable neighborhood.

I still have a lot of ground to cover in one of the largest cities in America and I look forward to exploring all that New York City has to offer. With the time I saved, I will be able to fully immerse myself in my “New” City.

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Cirque du Silver

Posted by: Ashley Silver
June 19, 2014

“What are you talking about?” I shouted at my mom, sitting next to her at the doctor’s office. “Why did you just say ‘yes’?” I was referring to my mother’s alarming answer to the doctor’s question regarding her current pregnancy status. The subsequent shattering silence revealed her incriminating secret. “I was going to tell you eventually,” she appealed. What she was going to tell us was that our family was going to grow again, from an imposing seven children to an inconceivable eight.

I am who I am largely because of my birth order in my unusual family size. I am the oldest, the ring leader, the partner in crime to my 20-year-old sister and a mother figure to the eight-year-old. In my position in the Silver Circus, I enjoy many privileges and accept a significant amount of responsibility. As the first-born sibling, I have learned about the unforeseen troubles that require patience and compassion. I have also discovered that no matter what, through the uncertainties and disappointments, nothing stands a chance against the iron-clad Silver clan.

As each new sibling entered the picture, I watched my parent’s undivided attention for me split in half, then in thirds, in fourths…( you get the idea) until I was merely a portion-size slice in a pie of eight. Determined to not let this happen, I made up my mind that I would not be lost in the sprawling menagerie of sibling needs, wants and desires. I realized I did not just need to matter in the family line-up; I needed to matter more. To my five sisters and two brothers, I strived to be their best role model, helper and friend. As I entered high school, I became aware of how my actions affected them and decided that my duty as the oldest entailed much more than braiding hair in the morning and tutoring in algebra at night. To my parents, I needed to prove I was a responsible and reliable leader. I wanted to be a daughter and sibling they could admire, proving I had accepted and was willing to meet the unspoken expectations that accompanied this challenge.

Most people do not get an entire cheering squad and a flood of text messages the morning they start their associate position, open eight times as many cards on their birthday, or run into fourteen welcoming arms, waiting to greet them at the airport when they come home from college. Sometimes I fantasize about what my life would be like if I were an only child. I envision a dinner that is not a mad scramble, and I dream about having my own bathroom. Still, I would not surrender the family melee and how it shaped me. I have learned to love the tumult, the noisy and the impassioned because it is on the flip side of loving, loyal and authentic. They say less is more, but in my case, bigger is the best.

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