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If You Don’t Succeed Try, Try Again

Posted by: Lindsey Warneke
October 24, 2013

I remember the summer of 2012 like it was yesterday, because it was the summer that my life changed forever. At the time, I was living Chicago, working at four part-time jobs to pay the bills. I was a year fresh out of college and hopefully that my ‘big break’ would soon come. I went on job interview after job interview for salaried positions in PR. After the tenth interview or so one, I realized my only internship during college wasn’t going to sustain a job in the real world. I quit all but one job and took an unpaid internship at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago. I decided to make the leap to the epicenter of PR, New York City, to further pursue my dreams.

I came to the epiphany that MWW was just another stepping stone on my journey of becoming a publicist. One of my favorite authors, Dale Carnegie, once said that “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” I realized that I can’t stop pursuing my dreams of being a publicist regardless of the obstacles and disappointments that I have faced. My journey to MWW has made the hardworking, determined individual that I am today. I encourage everyone to do the same– not to give up on your dreams regardless of the strife you face along the way. I’m extremely grateful that my journey has led me to MWW, because it is a wonderful opportunity to work with amazing, seasoned professionals. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Another Side of DC

Posted by: Ben Freeman
October 2, 2013

Being from Bethesda, MD, our nation’s capital is nothing new to me. I’ve visited the museums, eaten at Ben’s Chili Bowl, and watched our sports teams lose. But until this summer, I had always treated DC as a tourist destination, taking day trips and meeting people from around the world.

DC is a fast-paced city, and being thrown directly into the fire is the best way to catch up. The day doesn’t end after l leave the office. There are always happy hours and Nationals games to meet up with friends. Sometimes it seems like Bethesda is my weekend getaway, a place to sleep until the next week starts.

Before my internship at MWW, going downtown was an event. There needed to be a plan. I always had a concert or show that I wanted to spend my Saturday at. It was a place to spend hours doing nothing, wondering why grown men were wearing long pants and suit jackets in 90 degree heat. DC became my playpen once McDonald’s told me I was too old for the ball pit.

But now I’ve spent enough time inside the city’s borders to know when the Metro will be hopelessly crowded and which of the Smithsonian’s museums is the best (it’s the Museum of Natural History). I know which food vendors require iron-lined stomachs and which restaurants stay open latest. I finally feel like a true Washingtonian.

The difference between being a mere resident as opposed to a young professional changed my outlook on the entire city. This summer showed me the inner-workings of Washington, DC. The Capitol Building is more than just a backdrop for my next profile picture, but the central location of federal action. Attending hearings and mark-ups on a daily basis has given me insight on our government that I could never have read in a textbook. It’s impossible to describe what it’s like to leave a hearing and then share an elevator with the committee chairman. Before this summer, my most star-struck moment in DC was seeing Wolf Blitzer at a Ben and Jerry’s. It still is, but only because I’ve yet to see Anderson Cooper around.

I will always remember my summer with a front row seat to the bureaucracy and sheer might of the 435 members of Congress. This is the best way to experience one of the most powerful cities in the world.

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My newfound love: BBQ

Posted by: Elena Widmann
October 1, 2013

As a Jewish girl growing up in Northern New Jersey, my go-to sandwich was always a bagel with cream cheese, lox, tomato, and onion. The idea of a pulled pork sandwich, with a side of pit beans and okra never even crossed my mind. Good ole Southern barbecue wasn’t even on my radar.

This all changed when I trekked out to St. Louis, Missouri for my freshman year of college in the fall of 2010.

It definitely took some time to adjust to my new Midwestern home. While Washington University in St. Louis has many students like me that hail from the Northeast, I certainly wasn’t used to the laid-back Midwestern vibe that seemed to ooze off of the many new people I met on and off campus.  I noticed that the Midwestern stereotype seemed to be true: People talked much slower, had more patience, and said good morning to complete strangers. WHAT was going on??

The Midwestern personality wasn’t the only part of the culture of St. Louis that was new to me.  During those first few weeks, I took a field trip with a student union group to a locally famous eatery: Sweetie Pies at the Mangrove. The tiny restaurant didn’t look like much from the outside (or the inside) – but the food absolutely blew me away. The rich and creamy mac and cheese, sweet and buttery cornbread, and flavorful baked beans with bacon bits were spectacular.  Right then and there, I became obsessed with the wonderfully juicy, smoky world of barbecue.


Over the past three years, I have had my fair share of BBQ in the St. Louis area. I tried Memphis-style pork ribs at Bogart’s, the beef brisket at Winslow’s Home, and pulled chicken at Pappy’s Smokehouse.

My barbecue obsession didn’t seem to stop when I returned to home to the Northeast. I have frequented NYC’s Brother Jimmy’s BBQ (get the sweet potato fries), Wildwood Barbecue (share the “Best of the Best” with a friend – Slow Smoked Brisket, ½ Chicken and Pulled Pork), Blue Smoke (the Texas beef ribs are incredible), and most recently Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (order the BBQ brisket plate), that I went to with members of the Stronger Than the Storm team here at MWW.

My love for BBQ hit an all-time high when a few weeks ago I was able to see Bobby Flay, celebrity chef and author of Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction, in the flesh at STTS’s throw down event in Keyport, NJ.  Bobby, like me, grew up in the Northeast (he’s from the Upper East Side of Manhattan), and also became ‘addicted’ to the flavor and style of BBQ cuisine.

I look forward to my final year as a student at Washington University in St. Louis this fall. I plan to continue learning in and out of the classroom as much as I can from my professors and peers alike.

I also plan to continue to learn to eat as many delicious Midwestern BBQ meals as I can before graduation in May!


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