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Candy Crushed

Posted by: Ana Blinder
August 8, 2013

I’m addicted to “Candy Crush.” For those of you unfamiliar with the currently most-downloaded app, it’s similar to “Bejeweled,” wherein each level you match three or more exploding candies to accomplish certain goals: reach a score, bring ingredients down to the bottom of the screen, etc. I don’t play many games, but when I do decide to dish out the $1.99, I usually stick to the more cognitively demanding ones (a loose term) that involve Scrabble-like rules. But about a month ago, I noticed a constant and frenetic social media mention of Candy Crush. So naturally, I downloaded the game.

At first, I labored under the delusion that no game could possibly be that addicting. I very, very wrong, and I found myself playing a game with no true originality or discernible features. And to my surprise, I fell prey to one of the characteristics of some smartphone games that I was always reluctant to participate in: the incorporation of social media to move forward. After you complete a certain amount of levels, Candy Crush Saga encourages you to either pay $.99 to unlock the following ones, or allows you to request “train tickets” from friends on Facebook. A marketing tactic that would seem ineffective but it fully works. For about a month I’ve been receiving constant requests for lives or train tickets from a number of people whom I either know well or haven’t spoken to in over 6 years.

While the aforementioned warnings about Candy Crush may come off as dramatic, it’s better to steer clear all together. I’ve blocked various people on the subway from moving along as my face is glued to my phone, bumped into people on the street, and even missed an entire episode of Mad Men because I was simultaneously playing. This may be hypocritical considering I’m about to tackle another level, but I figured I’d warn those who haven’t joined the masses yet. Hopefully I’ll just beat the whole “saga” soon I can get rid of the sweet, delicious torture.

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