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This is the blog of the MWW Interns. Here you can observe our experiences and exciting projects. Interns in every department from Visual Branding to Financial Relations will be updating and documenting our experiences on a weekly basis. Follow us to get an inside look at what a true interning experience is like at MWW!

Perks of Being an Associate

Posted by: Nicole Scharf
April 8, 2013

Ever since my first day as an Associate at MWW on September 17th, I have truly felt like an integral part of the Consumer Lifestyle Marketing team, working on the Nikon, Discovery Bay Games, and Vimeo accounts. Having graduated from Tulane University last May, I had several opportunities through my course of study to work on a team, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Throughout the past four months, I have learned all about the inner workings of a public relations agency, and what it means to “work in PR.” One of the things I enjoy most about being an Associate is that you are able to work on and learn about accounts other than your own, wherever help is needed.

By working with different account teams, I was able to learn their particular strategies and how they go about doing business for their clients. I was able to work on press releases, client directs, and PowerPoint presentations of coverage. Additionally, I was also able to prepare for and assist at events. The first was for the Samsung Galaxy Note II launch event—where Kanye West performed!  I was able to meet and work with members of the MWW Dallas office, where we set up the devices that were being given to the press for review. Additionally, I worked an event for Videonuze, where I greeted and checked in media attending the speaker series.  By performing these tasks, I was able to learn and experience something different than I wouldn’t have with the daily tasks of my own clients.

I’ve come to realize while working at MWW that no task is too small—every little thing matters in the long run. Whether is it doing media monitoring, performing research, or building a media list, those small tasks are essential work for all of the clients that we represent.

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