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This is the blog of the MWW Interns. Here you can observe our experiences and exciting projects. Interns in every department from Visual Branding to Financial Relations will be updating and documenting our experiences on a weekly basis. Follow us to get an inside look at what a true interning experience is like at MWW!

Intern Insights

Posted by: Alexandra Luber
February 28, 2013

Two weeks into my internship I would have never expected to be spending the day with my client. Three internships under my belt left me with a predetermined vision of the role I would play within MWW. Past experiences, along with hearing the common tales of intern horror stories, prepared me for routine tasks, minor projects and quiet observances of my superiors.

However, from the moment I stepped through the glassy gates of MWW and my computer fired up with all systems go, I realized quickly that this would not play out as I had anticipated. Within my first day I was submerged, deep. I was promptly assigned duties and projects that surpassed my expectations and I welcomed the new challenge with pleasure.

This, I quickly learned was not a standard internship. Through actual client interaction, meeting participation and valued contributions, I have been provided the tools to evolve immensely.

My time at MWW has been, without a doubt, the most hands-on of my professional experience. The exposure and involvement has been invaluable. The ability to participate and have my skills and talents recognized has made every second count.  In such a small period of time I have learned from some of the biggest and brightest, helping me grow into a stronger, smarter and more enthusiastic person about the world of PR.

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