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Choose an Internship after College Graduation

Posted by: Jillian Laufer
January 17, 2013

As a May 2012 graduate, most peers my age would laugh at the idea of applying for an internship now that we officially have college degrees. It seems silly to be interning after college since we have learned everything we’re supposed to know before entering the “real-world,” right?

For me it was the opposite. Although I interned at two other companies and lived and breathed PR in college, I never felt that I got the full PR experience I had been yearning for. I wanted to learn the “ins and outs” of the PR industry from the best and brightest and find where I belonged in this crazy world. I could have easily started applying to entry-level positions prior to graduation, but I’ll always remember my crisis communications professor telling me that in order to get the best experience you must start at an agency. Having this thought in my head, I knew MWW was where I was meant to start my journey, and five months later here I am.

Since walking into MWW’s doors back in September, this agency and its employees have inspired me to the best PR professional I can be. From media list building and pitching, to client placement reports, brainstorming creative pitch ideas and assisting with events, I am confident that I am learning from the best. Thus far, I have worked on strong consumer brands, including Atkins Nutritionals, Subaru of America, Aetrex, Eventbrite and HomeAdvisor, with employees across the agency. MWW has not only given me the opportunity to learn from my supervisors, but to also collaborate with amazing leaders.

I am proud to have started my post-graduate career as an Associate at one of the most reputable PR agencies in the nation. I have learned more at MWW in these five short months than I could have imagined. I am confident that MWW has given me the tools to succeed in the PR industry, and I look forward to what my career holds in the future.

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