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304 Park Avenue

Posted by: Jacob Fass
October 3, 2012

When I first arrived at 304 Park Avenue, two months ago, I was unsure what to expect. I had no firsthand experience with public relations and little experience with the inner workings of the corporate world. From what friends and family had told me internships consisted of menial work like copying papers and getting coffee. Internships were not a place to pick up meaningful work experience or gain an understanding of the industry.

Well two months later I still don’t know what other internships in the corporate world are like. And my internship certainly involved coffee, although not in the way I expected.  I now know that an internship at MWW is a meaningful experience. This internship provided me with exposure to critical aspects of the corporate communication industry. At MWW we weren’t “just interns”, lowly workers to be bossed around. Instead we were treated as integral members of the team, working together in pursuit of common goals.

From the first companywide meeting, in which associates and senior vice presidents alike crowded together in our conference room to communicate with all of our offices around the country, I felt the contagious enthusiasm that the MWW team felt about its exciting future and growth.  This enthusiasm made my experience more purposeful.

When we presented our intern project to the MWW executives, I felt as if together we had achieved something significant. Many of us had no experience in putting together a pitch at all and we worked together to research, brainstorm, write, design, and present a well-executed pitch in the automated coffee machine market. In a relatively short period of time, we had clearly learned a lot about the industry and honed skills that are important in any business setting. As we presented our project, it became clear to me that our small intern group was an essential part of the MWW team.

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