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This is the blog of the MWW Interns. Here you can observe our experiences and exciting projects. Interns in every department from Visual Branding to Financial Relations will be updating and documenting our experiences on a weekly basis. Follow us to get an inside look at what a true interning experience is like at MWW!

Something Old, Something New

Posted by: Kemba Neptune
July 31, 2012

As a double majoring political science and sociology student at Howard University, I never thought of PR. At Howard, and as a student in DC, networking is drilled into your head from the day you step into the city. It’s not uncommon for someone to ask for your place of work and title within the first 2 minutes of meeting you. My wallet is full of cards from Hill workers, to heads of organizations I’ve never heard of prior. I love the permanently professional atmosphere of DC, so naturally I wanted to go into government affairs. I never thought of PR as a career until I did a campaign pitch project at a previous internship at a non-profit health organization. After that internship, I researched top PR agencies and MWW popped up. It was nothing like I’ve done before, but I wanted to learn more and immerse myself in this new dream of mine.

When I found out I got this internship I was more than excited. I came in with the typical intern expectations: coffee runs, memos, and a boss with a Devil Wears Prada-esque attitude. My first week alone succeeded my expectations, sans the Government Affairs flavored Miranda Priestly and the coffee runs, of course.

The majority of my intern experiences included working independently and mostly at a dawdling, but productive rate. I quickly learned that this internship would be nothing like that. Just as Anne Hathaway’s character, Andrea Sachs, I was a bag of nerves until I met Chelsea, the other intern. We were in a new environment together, and helped each other throughout the first week practically studying the Associate Manual that Melissa, the previous intern, left. Melissa left with an immaculate reputation, so the pressure was on! I welcomed the challenge.

The invariable sense of urgency around this office is indubitable. With a lack of the lull, this internship is exciting to say the least. As the weeks flashed by, I’ve become infatuated with public relations and government affairs. Although I spend most of my time researching and sending out grants to various clients, I get an inside look everyday of what it would be like to do this, and more, professionally. Sending out the right grants, the right information and guiding clients through emergencies and elections all sound exciting to me.

So far, I’ve come to realize that while I enjoy Government Affairs, I want to learn more about the PR. I’ve started networking with PR majors at Howard and I’m thinking of joining ColorComm, a new professional organization for women of color in the communications field. I haven’t decided exactly what my next move is, but I love the direction I’m going in and will be forever grateful for this experience.

Kemba Neptune, Intern

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“Hopefully Not”

Posted by: Sam Baron
July 27, 2012

If you approached me one year ago and asked whether I could see myself interning in the private sector after my first year of college, you would probably be met with a polite smile and something like, “Hopefully not.” I knew about the private sector. I knew about the world driven by a bottom line and what havoc that mentality can spread. It is all business, I thought. But now that I find myself interning at the headquarters of one of the largest public relations firms in the United States, my past mindset has been challenged.

Granted, I have previously worked in the private sector at a large hospital and a law firm. Still, working in a hospital felt altruistic, and my time at the law firm mostly was spent working on a case against one particular behemoth of the private sector. None of it felt like business.

Has my time at MWW felt like business? I really cannot say that it feels that way any more so than a law firm. It is felt when you are entering time to charge accounts, just like charging clients at a law firm. Other than that, the bottom-line-driven mentality that my previous mindset believed to exist across the private sector is absent from the daily routine at MWW, at least from an intern’s perspective.

What I have found is a group of individuals who are passionate about public relations, who have taught me that good work is good work, regardless of whether you are doing that work for a government agency or a public relations firm. Beyond that, there is just as much room for professional development at a quality-driven company like MWW as there is in the public sector. Match the room for professional development with the opportunities that a leading public relations firm has to offer for an intern interested in communications (now in the public or private sector) and you have found the MWW work environment that challenged my perceptions and won – thankfully.

Sam Baron, Public Affairs Intern

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Our Election, Our Future

Posted by: Eric Wisotsky
July 25, 2012

I have always been more politically inclined than the majority of my peers; hence, why I am interning in the Government Relations and Public Affairs department. That being said, I think we are presently in a time when it is important for those of my peer s who haven’t yet done so to become more aware of the politics of our country.

As I look closer and closer at it, I realize that the upcoming Presidential Election has the potential to significantly affect our futures. It could very well be the most important Presidential Election of our lifetime. This is why it has been so disappointing for me to read articles the past few weeks saying that my generation is less interested in this election than we were in 2008.

To my fellow members of Generation Y, we all need to get involved in one way or another, regardless of political persuasion. As we graduate college and graduate school, enter the workforce, and look to move up the corporate ladder, this election is about us more than any other generation. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Take a stand on an issue and talk to friends and co-workers. Aside from simply talking about the issues, you can also write about them on blogs, social media sites, or even write an editorial in a newspaper.
  • Volunteer for a campaign. Both President Obama and Governor Romney have active statewide campaigns with a number of different ways to volunteer. For a list of events and other ways to help out, visit their respective campaign websites ( and
  • At the very least, show up and vote on November 6th. Too much is at stake for us to sit back and simply watch.

It is my hope that we can truly say, in this election, that we made a difference in the future of our country. It would be a shame if, in the future, we looked back on these next few months and wished we would have done more.

Eric Wisotsky, Public Affairs Intern

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Transplanted Again: Growing New Roots

Posted by: Jacqueline Wladis
July 19, 2012

As a born and bred upstate NY suburbanite, as well as a student of the down-home-Dixie bubble that is Tulane University, I had grown accustomed to an unsophisticated “small town” atmosphere. I was in for quite a shock this summer when I embarked on my coveted summer internship at MWW and moved my portable life into prime NYU dormitory living. I was thrown into the cosmopolitan whirlwind of SOHO and the relentless Holland Tunnel combustion at my daily doorstep. The aggression and speed of everyone around me was dizzying. There seemed to be a million new experiences waiting to be had on a merry go round ride that was spinning way too fast for me to jump on. And while I knew that I was footsteps away from beloved family and dear friends, I couldn’t help but feel lost and alone in a sea of perceived distant angry strangers.

That first night as I listened to the rumblings of the city from my NYU dormitory room, millions of questions raced through my head. What was up with the surrounding angst and negativity I sensed on every street corner? Why did everything move so quickly? What would happen to me if I got lost en route somewhere and end up in an unfamiliar borough? Where was the glamorous façade of NYC that seemed to follow Carrie Bradshaw everywhere? The anticipation I had been relishing in for my impending internship was briskly washed away by the drowning rush of spanking new insecurities. Left in the quiet wake was a consuming new dread.

Arriving at the sleek MWW New York City office, I sensed a vibe as big and fast as the City itself. Stripped of my support system and already feeling lost in the urban jungle, I did what any young neophyte automatically does to survive feeling like a friendless loser- I buried my nose in my computer and got to work! Research, writing, deadlines, more work- fast and furious, and without even realizing it, I was on the crazy ride and to my surprise, actually enjoying it. The time imperative deadlines seemed to be just the tonic. Most significantly I discovered that the friends you make when working together towards a common goal were an unexpected gift. We may not have had the time to follow through on post-work plans- but we were forming a unique bond that was making the hard work fun and profoundly rewarding!

I have learned and grown exponentially since those first few invigorating weeks of settling into this strange new world. As time has gone on, I have begun to recover from the culture shock and developed a new-fangled taste for a faster pace. I’ve gotten on the wrong subway and ended up in the heart of Brooklyn no worse for the wear. I’ve found happiness with a good book in Central Park and peaceful bliss wandering the rooms of The Met. I am enjoying my newly cultivated sense of independence as well as the support of trusted colleagues. As I look back, I realize I didn’t love Tulane either at first arrival and it took some time and patience to adjust to the South. I am learning that lesson again now. And while I still may not yet be adjusted to the busy streets of Time Square, I have discovered a newfound enchantment for NYC’s quiet but abundant charms.

Jacqueline Wladis: Corporate Affairs Intern

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Love What You Do

Posted by: Maggie Cassion
July 17, 2012

Twitter? Blogging? Social media?  It seems like it was just yesterday when these terms were a foreign language to me. Now, I cannot get enough of them!

As a rising senior at American University, I would’ve never imagined my professional career to have developed so immensely as a result of social media platforms. I began college as an undeclared major and have now become a social media enthusiast seeking to develop a career in digital strategy and analysis.

Witnessing the evolution of the variety social platforms, in addition to the creation of new platforms, initiated my desire to learn more. I’ve had the opportunity to help develop strategies and manage social media content for my previous internships and was excited to get the chance to intern with MWW’s digital team. It’s amazing to come into the office each day and work beside professionals that have so much knowledge to share.  You can truly see that each member of the team loves what they do and are interested in learning more to make MWW better as a whole.

So what sparked my interest in MWW?

A class project required that I research and review a public relations case study and create a presentation for my classmates. I chose MWW’s launch of the Volkswagen GTI, which launched exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch applications. The results of this campaign far exceed expectations and generated an incredible amount of impressions worldwide.  The unique implementation of strategies demonstrated through this launch guided me to seek an internship.

I enjoy the creative energy and welcoming atmosphere of MWW and am excited to see how my internship unfolds because when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work.

Maggie Cassion- Digital Intern

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Medics of the Office Building

Posted by: Michael Clark
July 13, 2012

Everyone knows it’s IT’s job to keep our equipment running smoothly day in and day out.  Being my first office experience, I didn’t realize how intense the workload could potentially be.  At any given point, something can and will most likely go wrong and it’s up to us to correct it or at least try to as fast as possible. It always gives me a satisfying rush of joy knowing I am able to help out a fellow employee with their tech issue, no matter how big or small it might be. Being the dork I am, the best way I can explain life is through video games, in this instance, any type of shooter game. In any well put together squad, you have to have the medic. Though not the most useful in heavy combatant situations, we make great support, making sure everything you might possibly need is there at your disposal. Mailbox full? NO problem, we can fix that. Monitor went out? We can get you back up no problem. No job seems to be to big or small.

On a side note, it is also a good way to get to know co-workers. You would be surprised at how much you can learn about a person while fixing an issue for them. It could just be me, but I find getting to know each other makes it a tad easier on everyone in a tough situation. At least if you’re friendly, which I generally am. Not only can I fix your tech issue, I can make you feel a little better while doing it, or at least I’d like to think so.  Getting back on track, I am learning a great deal as each day goes by, growing a bit more with each new experience. I like to think that’s a great plus, the more I can retain, the better I can be at helping you all!

Michael Clark, IT Intern

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A View from The Hill

Posted by: Chelsea Weldon
July 11, 2012

As one of the two DC interns, I can undeniably affirm that we are experiencing an internship program unlike anyone else. The upcoming elections and constant governmental changes lead to a never ending flurry of activity and excitement in our office. The DC team keeps me on my toes as I juggle multiple time sensitive projects for an array of clients. Each client is interested in different legislation and federal programs which is why after only two weeks of working here, I already feel well versed in a handful of governmental issues and policy’s.

Last week I had the chance to attend the Senate Hearing on Tax Reform and Energy Policy. This was my first time in the Dirksen Senate building and I was amazed by the beautiful, ornate, marble structure. As I took my seat at the hearing, I braced myself for the copious amount of notes I was about to scribble down in attempt to capture every point made by the distinguished witnesses and senators. Prior to the hearing, I was unaware of how incredibly important the topics were for our clients. It was not until I came back into the office and began organizing my pages and pages of notes that it struck me; each piece of legislation proposed in the hearing would have a tremendous impact on our energy clients’ bottom line and thus effect their entire business practice. Later on in the week I attended an office wide staff meeting where the importance of closely monitoring Tax Reform and Energy Policy was stressed. As I listened in, I heard the staff discuss how they would leverage their energy clients’ agendas to be incorporated into the pending tax reforms.

Although the work of the DC office is centered on government, it has a vital place in our company as a whole. The vast majority of our clients will, at some point, be highly interested in legislation and the influence it will have on shaping their business practice. For example, 2 weeks ago I attended the Subcommittee Hearing on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights. It was exciting to attend and write a summary because this particular hearing will have a large impact on the New York office, specifically the newly created MWW Entrainment. I have already acquired so much knowledge over the past few weeks with MWW; I am excited to find out what the rest of summer holds as I delve deeper into the world of Government Relations. More to come from The Hill soon, until then be well!

Chelsea Weldon, Intern

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