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From Tucson to New York, and the Steps Along the Way

Posted by: Elanah Entin
December 8, 2011

Let’s talk about: life, post-college. It’s been 18 months, and I still get teary-eyed whenever I see Facebook posts about going to football games or seeing the sunny and warm weather forecasts for November – yes, that’s right, it’s currently sunny with a high of 75° in Tucson, Arizona, while we are all bundled up in New York City schlepping around an umbrella, never knowing when the skies might open up.

I still make Top Ramen for dinner some nights, and definitely still venture out for errands in UA-branded sweatpants and sweatshirts, thinking it’s acceptable outerwear. However, both of these things are not OK. But, I can’t help it; I’m still in denial that I’ll never be back in Tucson walking around campus with friends, gathering around the TV on Monday nights for ABC’s The Bachelor, going to our favorite bars, or even pulling all-nighters in the library. OK, maybe I don’t miss the all-nighters so much. It almost feels surreal that I was even there for four years. Even though I’m completely settled into life in New York City, when it’s mid-December and I’m not on Winter Break, or Spring Break in March… it hits me (18 months later): I’m a real living, breathing, tax-paying grown-up.

Of course, some days I’m glad to be on my own without having to worry about studying for exams, or awkwardly running into people you’d rather not see on campus. I wouldn’t trade those four years for anything, and I definitely couldn’t be happier that I ended up in New York City. I think sometimes it’s good to reflect on the past to appreciate the journey of getting to where you are today. I believe everything happens for a reason, everything from where we went to school to why you chose to walk a different way to work this morning, and I’m so happy that all those steps lead me to where I am today.

Oh, and I love MWW Group!

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