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Advice from My First Internship Experience

Posted by: Erika Tuttle
September 20, 2011

My internship at MWW Group was my first experience working in the corporate world, and in an office setting.  I had just finished my freshman year of college and wanted to do something productive with my summer, so I figured that I might as well get familiar with the opportunities that are associated with my Communication Studies/Public Relations major.  From never having an internship before, I thought my responsibilities would be limited to filing papers, printing, and running errands, but when I interviewed with MWW, I learned that this internship would introduce me to real PR work situations.  Hearing this was intimidating at first because I had no prior experience in the communications field, let alone working in a corporate office setting, but then I realized MWW was the perfect stepping stone towards my career goals.

My first day interning at MWW, I was nervous at first, but was comforted by everyone’s kindness and willingness to answer any questions I had.  In addition, there was another intern who I was working with who was extremely helpful in showing me how things worked that I could relate to.  Immediately, the MWW team began mentoring me on the art of writing a sharp pitch, monitoring news trends, and putting together media lists.  In addition, I worked alongside another intern. Through constant collaboration, we were able to learn and build off of each other’s strengths.  It wasn’t long before I understood what the success of a team means, and I enjoyed the work I was doing.

What I took from this experience at MWW was to never shy away from asking questions because you are not expected to know and understand everything right away; an internship is a learning process meant to help you develop skills.   Furthermore, I learned the importance of the social media and became a lot more aware and interested in news happening all over the country.   I thoroughly enjoyed writing pitches and brainstorming ideas to pitch reporters, and working with such kind, hardworking, and intelligent team.  Doing this internship gave me a better idea of what I can do in my next three years in college to further myself in the communications field of study, as well as career pathways.

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