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This is the blog of the MWW Interns. Here you can observe our experiences and exciting projects. Interns in every department from Visual Branding to Financial Relations will be updating and documenting our experiences on a weekly basis. Follow us to get an inside look at what a true interning experience is like at MWW!

Beginner at Blogging

Posted by: Katie Beattie
August 26, 2011

Over the past few weeks, I must have looked at almost every “mommy blog” in existence. Never heard of them? Neither had I. To prepare for BlogHer ‘11, I was tasked with checking these mommy blogs to see who was attending the conference this year. BlogHer is the largest conference in the country for female bloggers, bringing together over 3,000 women from around the country to network and attend information sessions on every blogging topic imaginable.

I have to admit, I occasionally became distracted looking at these blogs. Who could resist the hilarious story of a blogger who bought a five foot tall wire chicken, named it Beyonce, and left it on her front step to surprise her husband? Or who would skip over the blog dedicated solely to amazing panini recipes, complete with mouthwatering pictures?

As a college student, I have yet to truly dive into the blogosphere. I created a simple blog to document my semester abroad for my family at home but it was nothing like these blogs I have recently been perusing. However, I have come to realize that blogging is not just for the avid technology users- there are blogs covering every hobby, habit, and interest out there. Blogs can sometimes invite over-sharing, but often the quality information that comes out of blogs can inspire or assist others. After this experience, I have started to use blogs as a source for information, advice and humor, and I have also learned not to discount blogs as a source of news.

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Back for More

Posted by: Lindsey Myers
August 25, 2011

I’m back in action here with the MWW Dialogue Digital group. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience last summer, and was so excited to return for more. It was really great to get involved with projects on my first day as if I had never left. While the department has made significant changes since the last time I was here, I still see many of the same faces around the office.

At the beginning of this summer, I was given an additional weekly task.  During the Dialogue Digital weekly status meetings, I give a presentation about new technologies, new applications, and case studies with old technologies that I find interesting or beneficial to our team. It is my job to update the team on up and coming technologies so we can be innovative and involved with the ever-changing world of online media. Throughout the week, I compile articles from various technology blogs including Mashable and Techcrunch, as well as recommendations from team members who have heard about technologies and want to share them with the team. From this opportunity, I feel that I taught my team quite a bit, and I also have learned a lot about technologies and their utilization.

I feel that I have learned a lot about social media over the past two years. In my last blog post, I emphasized my learnings on specific platforms and broadened my knowledge base since then through creating more content, sitting in on brainstorming sessions, prepping presentations for Social Media 101, and even just from sitting in the office and engaging in conversations with my colleagues.

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MWW Group…The Second Time Around

Posted by: Brian Witte
August 19, 2011

Given the opportunity to return to MWW Group for a second summer internship was a chance I could not pass up. My experience here last summer was something that I wanted to build on and use as a starting point to achieve my future goals in PR. My time at MWW these past three months only solidified my ambition to go further in this field of work.

This summer I was given a chance to develop my experiences from last year as well as work in different aspects of PR. Earlier this summer, I was able to experience a team event in which myself and other interns invaded Rockefeller Center for a client promotion. The event showed me a side to PR I had not yet been accustomed to, and was one of the more memorable experiences of the summer. At the office I was lucky enough to work within the Nikon department, one of MWW’s top clients. The assistance of account coordinators Matt Kopacz and Devin Davis made working with this account enjoyable. Being able to share relatable experiences as well as helping to guide me through new ones, Matt and Devin were both great influences on me this summer.

I wouldn’t be able to recap this summer properly without mentioning the intern project. I was fortunate enough this summer to be paired with great teammates who all worked extremely hard to put forth great work. Although we had some road bumps along the way, it showed me why I enjoy being able to work in PR. Our abilities to be as creative as we could and come together as a team allowed for not only a great final product, but for parts of our project to be used for the actual client pitch.

While my college graduation quickly approaches in December, I find myself more confident than ever in my abilities to be successful beyond school. I think my main word throughout this entry was experience, and thanks to my time at MWW, I’ll be able to carry that word with me wherever I go.

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Intern Queens

Posted by: Rachel Feit
August 12, 2011

When originally tasked with creating an entry for the MWW Intern Chronicle, we agreed that we needed to do something a bit more our style – a music video. However, as evidenced by our filming skills, we are by no means Studio material.

Early in our internship at MWW Group, our supervisors royally crowned us “Intern Queens.” This title embodies various characteristics that we both possess and have further developed over the course of the summer.

Intern Queens are passionate, confident, creative and fabulous. They pride themselves on always thinking outside the box, completing top-notch work, and immersing themselves in company culture.

From Ball Park to Gold’s Gym, we have been very fortunate to work alongside the royalty of the industry. Unfortunately, busy schedules and limited time posed as a conflict for filming, but we cannot express our gratitude for those of you who are not featured: Joe Cohen, Lindsey Winkler, Shaun Leavy, and the infamous, unforgettable Logan J. Williams. You have all truly made our experience complete and you will definitely be in the Intern Queen sequel.

Additionally, we would like to thank everyone who helped us put this video together: Kris Alvarez, Giuseppe Barone, Connie Olles, and Douglas Lussier.


Rachel Feit and Alicia Clarke

We wake up early
To come to East Rutherford

Now to the 6th floor
We try not to act absurd

Sit in our big cubes
At M double W, W

The Press Releases
Media lists and
Morning Monitoring
We keep so busy
Now every day at noon time
We get very hungry, starving

Let’s go to Bagel Buffet
No regrets, lots of carbs

Or we can eat downstairs today
You and me, we can share a Panini

You and me
You know were working as Intern Queens
M double W
PR Life
Aim for success and don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back

Client directs, when they’re on TV
Sometimes Zumba or even Sara Lee
Aim for success and don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back

Its time sheet Fridays, we go to see Queen Kathi
Devin and Matt, they are the Nikon team
Laura/Amanda, they are the real life queens, real life queens

Let us write your press release, by the end of the day
Or we can pitch media alerts
To the press
We will be relentless

You and me,
You know were working as Intern Queens
M double W
PR Life
Aim for success and don’t ever look back don’t ever look back

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NYC and PR Careers Are Not So Different

Posted by: Lauren Koenig
August 9, 2011

I have lived in New York for 2 months now, and through my explorations of the city, as well as my time at MWW, I have come away with a couple lessons about the city and PR.

  1. People move quickly, be prepared to keep up
  2. People are constantly speeding down the sidewalks while talking on their phones, listening to their iPods, or even reading their books. New Yorker’s are constant multi-taskers that do not pause for a second. While it can be overwhelming at first to be thrown into the fast paced world PR, it is best to embrace the momentum of MWW, and your co-workers, and run with it.

  3. The subway system is confusing; download a map
  4. Just like you are not expected to know your way around the city immediately, no one expects you to have all the answers immediately, so do research then ask questions. Look at a map so you have a general direction where you are going, then ask clarification questions. Looking at the client files and past MWW work is a great way to catch up and learn quickly what expectations are.

  5. Bring an umbrella everywhere you go
  6. New York has unannounced downpours all the time, so be prepared. Not every day is filled with sunshine, be ready to have a couple hard days thrown into the mix, in which you make mistakes and learn from them. The point of job experience, whether it is in an internship or full-time career, is that you never stop learning new things and expanding your capabilities.

    Above all, have fun! In such a vibrant city and exciting workplace, there is no reason to not love what you do!



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The Road to Becoming the Mayor of MWW Group

Posted by: Ashley Baharestani
August 5, 2011

It’s not easy being the mayor of MWW Group. There is the satisfaction of having a gold crown icon next to your user name after checking in, as well as the pride of knowing that there was a light at the end of the tunnel after diligently typing the vowels and consonants of MWW Group on a daily basis.

While the turnover for Mayor is high at MWW Group – I’ve seen two come and go in my two month span as a Media Strategies intern-, I’m ready to ride out my mayorship. The day of my crowning, my direct report, Ali Smolens, came to my desk to shake the hand of the newly-crowned MWW Group mayor. An avid Foursquare user herself, we have bonded throughout the summer over the shared quest to become the future Mayor. We shared check-ins at a Museum of Mathematics lecture at Baruch college and in ‘Our Bosses Office’ at daily Usher’s New Look team meetings in Candice Bruders office. As Ali holds the mayorship of Candice’s office, Foursquare users in the NY office may recognize a recently created check-in: the MWW Breakroom. Behold, a lowly intern can theoretically be the purveyor of MWW’s stash of Welches Fruit Snacks and Keurig coffee with a few taps on an iPhone.

Though mayorship does not equate to anything more than a crown icon and increased points at check-ins, one out of many summer goals has been reached. Interning at MWW Group has been a summer of hard work, real results and great memories.

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Happy Hour Event

Posted by: Nichelle Tait
August 4, 2011

Preparing for my first PR event was exciting. 1800FLOWERS is coming out with a new line of products, and we are helping them with a Happy Hour Launch Party. Though we sent out invitations quite a few weeks ago, after several follow ups and re-invites, the RSVPs are still rolling in just hours before the event. Getting the media to attend can be challenging, even though the event is quite appealing! I assume they probably get invited to several events, so figuring out what would make ours special is all in the wording.

Understandably, when you work in the media, your job doesn’t end when you leave the office. Therefore, committing to an event that is after hours, as fun as it may seem, is still work. It is very important to form great relationships with people in the media so that they’ll come to your seemingly social event, and it will serve as a win-win for all: your client is happy that the media is there, you’re happy because your client is happy, and your media contact is happy because they are able to attend a fun event surrounded by PR contacts that they actually have great relationships with!

The event was a success. It was a relief to see everything unfold, from the tireless media lists, to the actual execution of the party. It was also interesting to put faces with names finally! It was also good to actually put names and faces with our clients, whom I’d been communicating with but hadn’t met. The team is amazing! At the event everyone was mixing and mingling, which was crucial to the success. Plus, it was a chance to get the right people excited about the new launch. Everything was decorated perfectly and it was noted by everyone, which proves that presentation is also very important. At the end of the night, it was clear that everyone had a great time, and that all of the hard work definitely paid off!

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My Internship Experience

Posted by: Bridget Bailey
August 4, 2011

Rather than sleeping in late and laying by the pool like most would want, I decided to get an internship this summer to put some structure and routine into my day to day life. I have interned with another PR firm a few years ago so I thought I knew what I was in for—tons of errands, making copies, and binding together multiple sheets. However, I was wrong.

Working at MWW for only a few weeks has taught me a lot. Not only was I given the opportunity to work with a fun, energetic, and intelligent group of people; I was enlightened on what public relations actually is. I remember walking in for my “interview,” I tried to look very professional and conservative. The two ladies that spoke to me were super relaxed, personable, and dressed comfortably casual. I immediately felt a sense of relief and knew that MWW Group’s environment was right up my alley.

However, I was nervous for my first day of work because I did not know what to expect, because the two ladies told me that I would be actively working and not just doing random small tasks like my previous internship. Within two hours of getting settled in my nook at the office I had already learned about media monitoring and was actively engaged in meeting a deadline that afternoon. It was an impeccable feeling knowing that what I was doing was positively impacting this company.

Throughout my time at MWW I have done various tasks such as media lists, media monitoring, media reports and even sat in on client calls, but there is still so much more to learn. One major aspect I learned was not being afraid to ask questions. As an intern, you are expected to not know everything and I learned that it is much more efficient to ask questions and do it the right way then have to redo work that you did wrong. Unfortunately for the other intern that accompanied me in Dallas, I ambushed her quite frequently with tons of questions, but was so thankful she was there to guide me.

The people at MWW in all the offices, including the Dallas office, are easy to talk to and make work more enjoyable. I feel more confident in myself in communicating with others and getting tasks done. Thanks MWW for this opportunity, it’s been wonderful!

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