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Public Relations and Baseball…

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June 23, 2011

I got into public relations because, believe it or not, I wanted to wield the media for a baseball team.  The more I learned about PR, and the more experience I got, however, I realized that PR was awesome, no matter what client you’re working with.

But that being said, I am, and always will be, a baseball junkie. And there are things about PR and baseball that aren’t so different…

  • To the untrained eye, the pitcher is in charge of the game.  He handles the ball on every play.  He can give up home runs, and he has the power to strike out players and sit them down. To the baseball novice….this is the power that wins games.

But the novice often looks right past the catcher. You know—the man behind the plate. The one who is actually calling the shots.  He calls each pitch, every decision.

The pitcher, in the world of PR, equates to the client. He’s the face of the team, the brand enigma. What people see first.  What I love about PR is that we are the catcher. We are the silent leaders, behind the plate.

  • Most people think baseball is a game of chance. What they don’t realize is that the game is based on strategy. It’s not chance when that player hits it to the left side of the field instead of the right side, it’s not chance when he gets out but advances a runner. Every move is planned out.

As in PR….you can get a base hit every now and then, you know, secure a few local publications, or you can swing for the fences, hit a homerun in the bottom of the ninth and secure coverage in those top tier publications.  Small ball, or hard ball. It’s all about how you execute your strategy and deliver in clutch situations.

  • In baseball, it never solely matters how your team is doing, it depends on the competition.  Where your team stands compared to the other teams, how well your 3rd baseman is doing compared to their 3rd baseman, etc.

Just like in baseball, in PR you need to constantly keep an eye on your competition.

  • Babe Ruth, the best baseball player who ever lived, struck out many more times than he hit home runs.

Don’t let a single failure ruin your career. If one press release didn’t get picked up, that’s ok.  Strategize, and hit a homerun the next time.  You can still come out on top in the end.

See? Pretty similar.  The most important thing is to remember that practice makes perfect.  Can’t hit that curve ball? Practice, practice, practice.  Can’t get that publication to pick up that pitch? Reach out more, write more, and never give up.

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A Feast of Tweets

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June 15, 2011

Food, food, food! I literally cannot get enough of it, and I’m not referring to eating. I am constantly in interaction with food, foodies, chefs, recipes, and ingredients from the moment I wake-up, until I go to bed. I willingly spend my time reading cookbooks, cooking magazines, chef’s autobiographies, their tweets, or watching any number of shows on any one of the several TV networks now dedicated to my guiltiest pleasure: food. It makes me think though – why am I, and a growing number of Americans, obsessed with the ultimate staple of life? Here is my take on it.

Throughout time people have always interacted with their food, for survival reasons, hunger, or the need to get dinner on the table. While the necessity of interacting with our food has not changed, the way in which we interact is vastly different today. In a world now ruled by digital, we can interact with food on new levels never before present. The advance of digital dialogue has allowed us to develop relationships with what we eat outside of the kitchen.

For example, May 10th was National Shrimp Day. Now how many of us would know about, much less celebrate, such an estranged holiday? Well thanks to Twitter, that morning I was informed that one of my favorite crustaceans had a holiday, and was called to engage in the celebration of all things shrimp by divulging my favorite ways to enjoy its’ succulence (it’s Shrimp Etouffee if you’re wondering).

While my engagement in National Shrimp Day may seem benign and a great way to stock-up on some new recipes, it is much more important. My involvement in the tweet-storm surrounding National Shrimp Day was more than social interaction with fellow shrimp-lovers; it was a demonstration of my active engagement in the digital world mastered by those in the food industry.

Today chefs, specialty stores, food shows, ratings groups, and eateries big and small are on Twitter. They see its’ merits and lovingly embrace it as an important addition to their media repertoire. With the industry’s media success, and the popularity of so many food-based Twitter accounts, one can only believe that the food industry has their finger on the pulse of digital dialogue.

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