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Organizational Overhaul: Not Only for the Forgetful or Scatter-brained

Posted by: Maclay Coldren
November 29, 2010

Once upon a time I believed being overly organized was a tad unnecessary. Detailed check lists for every minute task and constant calendar and post-it reminders seemed appropriate for forgetful and scatter-brained people, but not me, I was a born multi-tasker – how wrong I was! I quickly learned that relying on my multi-tasking abilities was not going to cut it here at MWW Group. As a PR intern I work on multiple projects on different accounts at the same time meaning I have to keep up with different deadlines and utilize different resources. It was time for me to get organized.

I began my get-organized-adventure by creating folders and sub-folders in my email inbox, designating each folder to admin duties or a specific client. From there, I organized sub-folders by project or task and named them accordingly, such as “Current Tasks”, “Past Projects”, “FedEx”, and “Phone Demo”. This is my key to staying organized during an unexpectedly busy day because I can drag and drop emails into the accompanying folder and come back to them later and set email reminders about deadlines. The folder system has proved especially useful for working on the Samsung account. Helping the team for Samsung’s mobile division has been a phenomenal experience, but it can get hectic during phone launches so keeping track of the devices and media requests is crucial. I never know when we will need to track down a device that we sent to a reporter or blogger, so I store all of the media requests in one folder giving me easy access at a moment’s notice. I learned that developing a system for how I do things is an easy way to stay on track as well. When I receive a list of media requests I print the list immediately. Then, I make the FedEx labels and cross off each name as I go. Four months ago I would have considered this process of double-checking myself redundant, but it helps me stay focused and stress-free when I am working with a list of 40 requests or more.

At the end of each day I make a list of everything I completed that day and make note of what I need to finish. I usually leave a post-it on my computer to remind me of what I need to do when I get to work the next morning, which saves me countless minutes of trying to recollect yesterday’s thoughts before I’ve had my morning caffeine fix. I realized that much of my previous stresses were caused by trying to remember every little detail. I used to fervently refute any claims, mostly made by my mother, which insinuated I was not organized enough. Take if from a reformed “multi-tasker” – you can never be too organized as an intern or with anything you do for that matter. It took me a while to develop a system that works for me and though it isn’t completely flawless or without a few human errors every once in a while, it has saved me much unnecessary angst and has made me a more efficient and productive intern.

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