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The Best of Both Worlds

Posted by: Fanny Gomez
October 28, 2010

There is nothing better than knowing you are getting the skills needed to grow in your career. For me, interning at MWW Group has been very beneficial so far. Coming into the internship, I must say, I had high expectations for the company. I felt as though I would be able to learn so much from everyone I would deal with on a daily basis. During this past month, MWW Group and its team has completely met my expectations. Everyone is very willing to help and teach, and have made themselves very accessible. Everyone here is very hard-working, but the office also has a laid back and friendly environment.

My internship may be a bit different than everyone else’s. I’m working with the marketing department for MWW Group. This department doesn’t handle client accounts, but rather markets the firm itself, which has been a perfect fit because that is where I see myself in the future. During this past month I’ve been able to write up internal and external announcements on awards that MWW Group has been honored with. I was also able to attend an awards dinner in Manhattan, which was very exciting. It was interesting to see the internal side of PR and not what we all see as consumers. It was nice to witness everyone, including MWW Group, receive awards on their hard work and dedication to the industry and their clients.

I’ve had one other internship prior to joining MWW Group as the Marketing and Public Relations Assistant for a non-profit organization in Hackensack, named The Volunteer Center of Bergen County (VCBC). The organization has different programs and I was working on one called Bergen LEADS, which is a leadership course for adults who live or work in Bergen County. My primary tasks were to update their Facebook, blog and website, sending out press releases, along with making sure that everyone joining the program was up to date on all the details. Comparing both internships, I think the biggest difference is the experience in the organizations. The program I was working on at VCBC was fairly new so I was building a template for future interns. MWW Group’s years of experience and honors are very visible. It is exciting to know that different aspects of PR are within reach and there is such an abundance of experience and skill to learn from.

However, even though many say there is a major difference in a PR environment at a non-profit compared to a corporation, the transition from my previous internship to MWW Group was very easy to adjust to. To me, the environment in both places is relaxed and everyone is very nice and willing to help. I notice that there is a team camaraderie and good communication. MWW Group is a perfect place to get a broader view on the PR industry, and to me it was a perfect fit coming from a small non-profit organization into a mid-size corporation. At MWW Group I’ve had the best of both worlds: the interpersonal relationships of a smaller environment with the industry experience of a leading PR firm.

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