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The key to a perfect pitch letter: Tetris

Posted by: Willy Delius
September 14, 2010

When I was growing up in the early ‘90s – a booming era of videogame advancement – Tetris rocked my world. It was the old standby. It was familiar and unwavering, always there when I needed it.

However, a decade’s passed since those memorable thumb-tiring hours waiting for a tall-thin block to grace my screen so I could finally nail that four-line combo. Subsequently, when I was greeted with the opportunity to assist Tetris’ PR campaign on my first day at MWW, you can imagine that I was equal parts nostalgic and excited.

One of my first undertakings was to draft a pitch letter to get the game on holiday gift guides throughout the country. This was a task familiar to me from school; however, those never carried the added weight of the real world. Initially, I was a little nervous and my first few hours of work amounted to nothing useful.

Then, it hit me.

I was out of touch with the game. I was no longer 12 years old and I couldn’t relate to it anymore and that needed fixing. I took the next five minutes (maybe it was ten, who knows … I was in the zone) and played an enchanting session of Tetris Party Deluxe – the updated version of the gen-y classic.

After I wrapped up my game I sat down and wrote a great pitch.

At that moment, the importance of knowing your client, its product and the message strictly dawned on me. It sounds a little silly in the context of playing Tetris, but I’d argue it rings true with each and every agent-client. It was an extraordinary lesson from a humble project.

Lastly, a slight digression: I want to tell my preceding MWW Seattle intern, Nick Stubberfield, that I fondly empathize with his confusion of cloud computing and its accompanying jargon when first greeted by it. Fortunately, not unlike him, I found my inner-techie and overcame the troubles as weeks passed. To better understand our bewilderment, read Nick’s blog here.

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The Power of the Tedious Media List

Posted by: Steven Cardadeiro
September 8, 2010

Most people perceive an intern as somebody who does the dirty work around the office. Interns are often seen as the go-to people when employers need something done that is “tedious and of little importance.” In the PR world, this tedious and unimportant work can best be described by two words – media lists.

I myself, probably like most others here at MWW Group, also started off creating media lists. I expected to be creating media lists for the remainder of my internship, however, what I did not realize was how these media lists could be put to use. Along came a project presented to MWW Group by the Bowling Proprietor’s Association of America (BPAA). For the first time in history, they would be hosting an online competition to determine who would be the 2010 Bowling Celebrity Hall of Fame inductee, in which nine different celebrities – including Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian – had the chance to be inducted into the International Bowling Hall of Fame via fan votes through their website. Under great leadership here at MWW Group, a plan was devised to conduct viral outreach to fans through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to rally each celebrity nominees’ fans to vote for them as the 2010 inductee. Luckily enough, I was chosen to take part in such a large project that would soon prove to have even larger results.

First, I was assigned to create media lists for different celebrities involved in this contest. Then I was tasked with developing creative messages to post on fan sites and blogs in order to bring in the largest number of votes possible. An initial press release was created to announce this contest and a second to update anybody who was following the campaign. Additionally, I had the privilege of monitoring reports that would be sent to the client. Soon enough, my efforts turned into results, as the votes began to sky-rocket. As the month long campaign progressed, voting reached well above one million votes – bringing in the most traffic ever to the website. When the contest came to an end, the campaign generated media placements across the largest media outlets, including, and the Associated Press that announced the contest and its results. OK! Magazine even dubbed the contest “Best PR Stunt” and was the first outlet to announce the Taylor Swift as the 2010 Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame inductee in their August 23 issue.

Coverage totaled from more than 360 outlets yielding more than 765 million media impressions, with 893 tweets – reaching more than 1.9 million followers!

Nobody likes to be proven wrong, but when it comes down to redefining what it means to be an intern, I’ll be proven wrong any day. MWW Group has taught me that interning does not have to be about doing the dirty work, but rather, how an intern can take that dirty work and be trusted to apply it effectively into results-driven situations that matter.

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