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This is the blog of the MWW Interns. Here you can observe our experiences and exciting projects. Interns in every department from Visual Branding to Financial Relations will be updating and documenting our experiences on a weekly basis. Follow us to get an inside look at what a true interning experience is like at MWW!

Building Foundations for a Bright Future

Posted by: William Gerr
June 29, 2010

Similar to building a house, when one enters a new industry they must begin with building a strong foundation which is exactly what I have been doing during my internship with the MWW Group.  I had never worked in Public Relations or Marketing so coming into the internship I was unsure of what to expect. Thankfully, everyone at MWW has brought me up to speed. With the help of the team at MWW, I have been learning new skills as well as the general nature of the business which is helping me to form a solid foundation in public relations. For example, using Upshot and making a media list has illustrated to me the importance of contacts in this industry.  Through the search engine Upshot I am able to pull up millions of names who work in some aspect of media relations as well as their title, phone number, email.  However, what is really important about these lists is they function as a database of contacts for current and future business pitches.  I have mastered these lists and have observed how they are used in practice, noticing that these are essential to maintaining and forming relationships with media contacts. The relationships formed after referring to a media list and speaking with the contact are of the utmost importance in this industry.  Knowing a media contact on a personal level and being able to connect with them is essential to success, as I have seen time and time again here at MWW.

Though somewhat unconventional, the practice of “overhearing” and observing my superiors has given me a second  hand view of how clients are dealt with and how Public Relation campaigns are put into play. Often times I will be sitting at my desk and hear the automated message during the beginning of a conference call signaling the party to join the conference. In my best attempt at multitasking, I focus on the current task but also do my best to listen in. Though I am not directly involved, I too feel like a member of the call. Some might call this eavesdropping, but I think of it more as “distance learning”.  I look to concentrate how clients are handle and the way business is conducted. Potential media pitches are brainstormed and ideas are bounced off the different parties in the call.  The group considers each other’s ideas while placing the proper scrutiny upon ones that don’t seem to fit the bill. Eventually, the group works together to pick the idea that will get the most “play” as well as how they will pitch it. During these phone calls and through my work I have also become well acquainted with the slang of the public relations world.  I now know what a sizzle reel is, what a SMT is (though I always forget what it stands for), as well as what play and pitch mean.  Understanding these terms and being able to apply them is allowing my foundation in this industry to further develop.

In essence, during my first few weeks here at the MWW Group through different learning and observing experiences I feel that I am on the fast track to success. I am eager to learn more about the business and to embark on new projects.  Though I would like to travel the country meeting with clients or release press statements in the New York Times like Michael Kempner, I realize that I must first succeed in constructing a foundation that will allow me to one day excel in a lead role. Therefore, I will continue to plug away, listening and learning, creating a solid infrastructure that will allow me to thrive in my future endeavors.

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Learning How To Pitch With The Pro's!

Posted by: Megan Lewis
June 25, 2010

As the Business Development Associate here at MWW Group, I have had the pleasure of gaining an extremely unique and educational experience thus far. I started here in late April, having no idea what to expect. From the job description provided to me at my interview by my now Supervisor, Jennifer Graziano, Director of Business Development, I knew that I would play a small role in the pitching process. I quickly realized in the weeks preceding my first real pitch, that at MWW Group, there is no such thing as a small role and that everyone’s efforts are extremely appreciated.

There are many elements that go into pitching a prospective client. There are conference calls and brainstorms, research and proposal writing, but most of all, lots of note taking for me! I serve as the preliminary researcher on the business development team. My job is to learn everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about the prospective client. I remember Jennifer once telling me to become an expert not only on the perspective client, but all of their competitors as well. After my research is complete, I have the honor of sitting in with some of the most talented and creative individuals in the Public Relations industry, as they brainstorm big ideas to include in their pitch proposal to the prospective client. They use my research to create these big ideas which teaches me just how important research is to the pitching process, and not to mention, makes me feel pretty important! Sitting in on these brainstorm meetings alone has taught me more about the Public Relations industry then anything I could have ever learned in school.

After the brainstorm, the fun part begins! I get to work directly with the creative team, helping them develop every design detail that the pitching team is going to include in the final proposal and in the pitch room. I create slides, pull pictures and proofread drafts of the proposal over and over again until everything is perfect! In what seems like no time at all, the skilled professionals at MWW Group create full proposals with the potential to knock any prospective client right off their feet! Perfection is the key to winning the client, as MWW Group knows, and with our Aim High, Deliver slogan in mind, perfection is produced. After the proposal is finalized and design work is complete, it is time for the big show, the pitch! It is my job to make sure that the room is set, proposals are printed, and that the team has all materials necessary to win the client in hand! When all the craziness of pitch preparation is said and done, I take a moment to breath and reflect on how lucky I am to be part of something so prestigious and downright awesome!

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Gallo Salame hosts Old World Workshop

Posted by: Laci Theriot
June 22, 2010

Gallo Salame sign in Trattoria 1910.

During my first week interning at MWW Group, I was asked to work the Old World Workshop. It was held at Trattoria 1910 here in San Francisco. The vintage, pop-up Italian restaurant was created to celebrate Gallo Salame’s 100th anniversary.

Gallo Salame, which began producing authentic full-flavored Italian salame and pepperoni in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1910, is a popular west coast brand.

The Old World Workshop was part of the Gallo Salame anniversary celebration as Trattoria 1910 kicked off a month of free meals to the public, offering complimentary lunch and evening appetizers from May 26th through June 18th. The limited time restaurant let diners take a step back in time in the scenic setting, shaped in rich tradition.

The participants cooking with Chef Catherine De Orio.

The celebration consisted of a grand opening, Tweet and Eat, and the Old World Workshop. For this last Gallo Salame event, we invited food and travel bloggers to attend the workshop. My task during the week was to find the blogger participants.

That morning, we started the event off with a demonstration by Chef Catherine “Cat” De Orio. She made several Italian dishes, including the popular Gallo Salame Grilled Antipasto Sandwich and Pasta Salad. The attendees were given ingredients to make the dishes, along with recipes and instructions.

After the cooking, the participants were allowed to have lunch and order off the Trattoria 1910 menu. The guests were hungry after all that salami. After lunch, they mingled with other participants and talked about food.

The famous Gallo Salame and Pepperoni Panini made on crusty bread with salame, pepperoni, provolone cheese, grated mozzarella, olive oil and oven roasted and fresh tomato. It was a popular dish on the Trattoria 1910 menu.

It was a great experience for me to meet bloggers and network. I absolutely loved getting to read their blog posts afterwards. My roommate, Jaime, who is interning at Tango Diva, a local San Francisco magazine, came as well! She even wrote about the workshop. At the end of the day, we gave everyone gift baskets with Gallo Salame products. It looked like everyone who came had a great time.

To find more information about Gallo Salame, visit or

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From Face to Face, to Anyplace!

Posted by: Lindsey Myers
June 18, 2010

As the DialogueMedia intern, I have learned a ton about social media just from working here for the past month.  I know you’re probably thinking “Oh no, this is one of those classroom to real world posts,” but I promise you it’s not.  Yes, my social media knowledge started by learning from others, then went into the classroom, and now here I am, but my opinions have definitely changed over time about social media uses.

Rewinding to December 2009, I used Facebook on a personal level, thought Twitter was for people who had nothing better to do than record their lives in 140 characters, and I didn’t quite understand the concept of a blog.  After taking a Social Media for Managers course this past spring, I learned about different uses for Facebook such as promoting businesses and products through fan pages. But I still thought Twitter could only benefit companies by simply posting advertisements and promotional posts, and that bloggers who posted more than once a day or even a few times a week had nothing to do with their lives and that no one was reading them.

Now after arriving at MWW, my opinions have once again changed.

Facebook Fan Pages:

  • While I used to have the notion that a Facebook fan page worked for every single company and that it was silly for a company to not have one, I have found that to be quite different.
  • Facebook is not always the best use of social media for a company.  Instead, a social media strategy should be developed using a variety of social media platforms that will best reach the audience.

Engagement vs. Reach:

  • Another concept I really couldn’t grasp was that it didn’t matter how many fans you have, if there’s comments and likes, a page gets more publicity.  While creating content for a client’s Facebook page, I was quite surprised to find myself writing many questions to be posted, but I soon found that those are the types of things that draw in a lot of activity to a fan page.
  • Activity between a company and a consumer on social media platforms helps to establish a more personal relationship and allows for feedback from fans.
  • While 67% of consumers are more likely to recommend or buy products from a brand after following it on social networking sites, each brand needs to find its own balance and decide if they want pages for each region, each product, or one corporate page.

Twitter for Research:

  • I learned that Twitter was more than just promoting products and conveying personal experiences to the public, but could be searched for mentions of a keyword, which is something new to me.  I used this to research mentions of various clients to see how their followers react to their posts.
  • I also found that Twitter retweets can be used to measure the influence of a post or topic.


  • I now find that blogs that post more frequently lead to more readers and ultimately more interactions.  Posting a few times a week or every few months does not seem as effective and readers don’t check for updates as often.

It’s not only interesting to take note of my personal opinions of some aspects of social media and how they have changed over time, but how social media has changed society.  The online capabilities and uses of social media are very widespread and clever.  As more and more people turn to social media for news, opinions, ideas, and more, the concept will grow and change with time.

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Real Design for the First Time

Posted by: Samantha Hoffman
June 15, 2010

As an intern I never expected to get the chance to work on exciting projects. Being the lowest worker on the totem pole, I assumed I would just run errands, edit copy, and find photos. I was proven wrong rather quickly when I was given the opportunity to design the “Summer of Mom” Facebook tab for Ball Park Franks in my very first week!

The “Summer of Mom” project gave me a chance to design under the true pressures of the corporate world. I got to see what it was like to be put under business deadlines and how it felt like to design in an office atmosphere. It actually changed my perspective on certain things. I used to not prefer to work around other people, but I soon came to realize that it improves efficiency and can be quite helpful. Since I was designing various layouts and posters around other designers I was able to learn countless keyboard shortcuts, as well as beneficial Photoshop and InDesign methods I previously was unaware of.

What I enjoy most about this internship, is while I do many typical intern projects, I still get the opportunity to do fun designs each week. One of my favorite projects was the type treatment for the “Rock the Boat 2010″ towel MWW gave to the Deloitte firm. It was just a blast to do something that had no previous design standards, where I could develop the design from scratch. So far its been an abundant learning experience, I look forward to what I have ahead.

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Future Interns Take Note

Posted by: Mallory Brown
June 10, 2010

Before concluding my freshman year of college, I knew I wanted to gain valuable work experience that would place me one step ahead of my fellow classmates.  Knowing this, I took it upon myself to meet with career advisors at my college- which ultimately helped me land an internship at MWW Group.  Once I began my internship, it was clear this would be a life-changing experience that would not only prepare me for the future, but provide me with great advantage over other young professionals.

Throughout my freshman year I received helpful information and recommendations from career advisors which provided me with the confidence to seek a high profile internship with a company such as MWW Group.  I would give future interns the same advice I received, plus a few other recommendations that I have learned throughout my journey.

Start early: Some freshmen think it’s too early to get an internship.  In my opinion,the earlier, the better.  Having an internship during the summer after freshman year shows dedication and provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience.  If you are unable to secure an internship the summer following freshman year, start researching opportunities for the subsequent summer as soon as possible.

Fit your interests: It’s important to find an internship that you are interested in.  You don’t want to get stuck interning for a company that does not inspire you.  Find an internship that suits your interests, then you will be more willing to go the extra mile in all of your assignments.  Research the company, what they do, and who their clients are- this can help when deciding whether or not you would enjoy working there.

Try new things: Start an internship with an open mind and willingness to learn.  An internship is meant to be a learning experience.  If you approach each situation with an open mind and willingness to try new things, you will gain the skills and qualities that you need to succeed in your career.   Don’t be afraid of messing up and always try your best.

Ask questions: While interning, there will always be something you are confused about or don’t understand.  Ask questions and get clarification so you do a project right the first time.  Don’t be afraid, everyone was once in your shoes.

These recommendations helped me decide what internships to apply for and also once I started working.  In my short time at MWW Group, I have learned so much and I look forward to expanding my knowledge here throughout the rest of the summer.  Everyone at MWW Group has been so helpful and friendly and I’m glad to have found a company that suits me.  I hope these recommendations help to find a company that suits you!

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Building A Human Network

Posted by: Giuseppe Barone
June 7, 2010

In my short time working in public relations, I have learned that the industry is small and it is almost a guarantee that you will run into the same people throughout your career.  This makes it important to network with other professionals as early and often as possible and discuss your potential.  During my time as an Intern and Associate, I have been able to network with a fair amount of people whether by working on a project or just striking up a conversation.

In the fast-paced environment of agency life, it can be intimidating to speak with junior and senior level employees about their experiences in the industry, their work and what you can look forward to in your career.  However, I have found that junior and senior level professionals are willing to discuss these topics and help build your relationship within the agency.  Good networking skills lead to positive conversations and results, which lead to more responsibilities that help you get the most out of the work you do at your internship.

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Finding the Perfect Fit in PR

Posted by: Brittany Bahar
June 4, 2010

Throughout the past year, as a junior at Rutgers University, I have reflected on my career goals and attempted to narrow my interests into a specific field to pursue.  As both a Dance and Communication Major I have a wide-spectrum of choices and paths I can take. After much thought and consideration I have come to realize that a career in Public Relations and Marketing is a perfect fit for me. I consider myself to be an outgoing, interactive and creative person and wanted to pursue a career in which I can utilize these skills.  Public Relations and Marketing embrace these attributes and I am anxious to explore this exciting field.

After making my decision, I set out to find a company that I felt fit me and could provide the most valuable internship experience possible, and that was MWW Group. I was drawn to MWW Group’s strategy, business values, outstanding reputation for exceeding client expectations, and widespread clientele list.   MWW Group achieves exceptional results by making smart, productive choices, while utilizing a foundation of creativity.  MWW Group’s overall approach was very appealing to me, while I found other companies to be ordinary and less stimulating.  Learning about some of the company’s latest inventive campaigns confirmed my impressions, intrigued me, and made me want to work with the company even more.

I am thrilled to have been granted an internship with MWW Group; I know I will gain significant experiences and insight to PR that will springboard me toward success. MWW Group’s innovative outlook and strategic goal-oriented nature yield results for their clients and provide a pallet of skills and techniques to their employees that I am anxious to harness.  I feel confident that I am headed in a positive direction and am positioned to gain plenty of knowledge with the assistance of MWW Group’s solid leadership and direction.

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Learning the Industry from the Inside Out

Posted by: Alina Zoraian
June 1, 2010

My time here at MWW Group has been nothing less than fulfilling. On my first day, I was briefed on the McDonald’s account and the Check It Out summer reading program, which would be one of the huge projects I would assist with this summer. Prior to this internship, I had no idea about the large array of McDonald’s Public Relations initiatives and their involvement with the Ronald McDonald House. My involvement in the Check It Out summer reading program has reversed my previous thoughts on quick service restaurants  like McDonald’s and the work they do outside their industries.

The first step to be conquered for the Check It Out summer reading program was for me to call libraries throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and ask them if they would like to be involved with Check It Out. To be honest, my initial thoughts were mostly negative and that people would view me as a telemarketer trying to lure them into a program too good to be true. There were some people who did question me on whether or not there are hidden fees, but the majority of the conversations I had were nothing like the ones I foreshadowed.

My involvement with Check It Out has showed me how much of an impact a company can have. While I was calling libraries people were so grateful that McDonald’s was asking them to participate in Check It Out. The people I spoke with were appreciative and had positive attitudes about this program. Their energy was infectious to me on the phone and got me excited to be assisting with this program. I am having a blast working at MWW Group and hope to continue to learn the industry!

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