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This is the blog of the MWW Interns. Here you can observe our experiences and exciting projects. Interns in every department from Visual Branding to Financial Relations will be updating and documenting our experiences on a weekly basis. Follow us to get an inside look at what a true interning experience is like at MWW!

You Can’t Learn This in a Classroom

Posted by: Brittany Marin
May 28, 2010

When people think of the word “intern”, most assume that translates to personal assistant that gets stuck with the work no one else wants to do. My internship at MWW Group is nothing like that. I have the opportunity to learn skills and develop my talents each day while helping my co- workers and the company. At MWW Group, I’ve never felt thrown into something I couldn’t handle and see myself as a service to the company. Since I started my internship with the marketing department at MWW Group, I’ve helped by maintaining content for MWW Group’s internal communication website, putting together award entry binders for MWW Group campaigns, worked on updating the company’s marketing materials, and more. Each project has allowed me to learn more about the company overall as well as some of the outstanding work we do for our clients.

The work atmosphere at MWW Group is very relaxed and cordial and the sound of laughter frequently can be heard echoing through the halls. Naturally, every once in a while the stress levels get high and you can feel the urgency of a current project in the air, but there is a collaborative spirit throughout the firm and everyone pitches in when needed. The people I’ve come in contact with during my internship here are talented and hardworking and their passion for what they do is very inspiring.

I am grateful that I have been given several opportunities to refine my writing skills and receive feedback when I write things such as internal marketing emails or a synopsis for a case study. It feels great to know that all the skills I am learning through various tasks assigned to me will benefit me in the future. I am enjoying my time here at MWW Group and it has given me great exposure to the public relations field and a corporate setting. I am so eager to see what lies ahead for me and I can thank MWW Group for laying the foundation for my future progress. I also appreciate the lighter side of MWW Group. I think one of the many memorable things I will take away from this experience is Studio MWW’s Creative Services Manager, Loren Waldron’s mandate of “No work talk during lunch!”

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